GAF - Global Agribusiness Forum

Agriculture is economy lever in crisis, says GAF’s chairman

The chairman of the Board of the Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF), Cesário Ramalho, says that the agribusiness industry became an economy lever amid the crisis this year. "We live a crisis that is the biggest of my existence; we have no horizon, we do not know what will happen. The Country holds solid structures of institutions, but is lost; the agribusiness, in turn, knows exactly what it wants", he declared on Wednesday , 2, in the launch of the GAF 2016 Edition, in the head office of the Brazilian Rural Society (SRB), in São Paulo. Ramalho also highlighted the fact of the Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders (ABCZ) being among the GAF 2016 organizers, highlighting the livestock’s role for the industry. "We never had an ounce of beef returned to Brazil. It is accepted and privileged in 150 countries, consumed within the most diverse cultural forms". Finally, the representative, who is also Director of the Brazilian Association of Maize Producers (Abramilho, another partner of GAF), stated that it is necessary to value Brazilian rural producers with initiatives like the GAF. "Producers need people and organizations that take their word forward", he noted.