GAF - Global Agribusiness Forum


According to the ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Li Jinzhang, the two countries - Brazil and China - are natural trading partners. In 2017, China bought $ 23 billion of agricultural products from Brazil. To mention a few: 50 million tons of soy and a little over 560 thousand tons of beef. "China is a major buyer of agricultural products and Brazil is a major supplier. The two countries need to take the lead in the global agribusiness negotiations, "the ambassador suggested during the meeting. Global Agribusiness Forum 2018, which will happen until tomorrow, July 24, in São Paulo-SP.


In his address he also proposed to increase the trade relationship between Brazil and China. But for this he recommends that Brazil accelerate investments in logistics infrastructure and the storage system. He also suggests diversifying the export agenda and cites products such as cotton and coffee as new opportunities for growth.

Despite the competitive advantages that China offers to Brazil, taking sides in this trade war seems to be a big mistake. That is what Apex do Brasil president Roberto Jaguaribe said. "China and the United States are two important trading partners of Brazil. It is foolish to think that we can take advantage of this rivalry, "he said.

Jaguaribe defends free trade, but does not believe that protectionism, especially in the agricultural sector will change. But the president of the Sugar Cane Industry Union, Elizabeth Farina, argues that the market needs to work with reality and create a set of rules to protect the Brazilian market. "We are suffering ideological attacks and we need to improve the level of communication in the industry with information based on technical aspects," Farina concludes.