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Consumer confidence in the use of science in agriculture goes through communication

Investing in communication and education are key measures to build consumer confidence in the use of applied science in agriculture, especially with regard to technologies developed for crop protection and the use of biotechnology. This was one of the highlights of the speech of the global CEO of Corteva, Rajan Gajaria, on Monday (23), during the Global Agribusiness Forum 2018, in São Paulo (SP). "Informing, communicating, educating is the way to break the fear of the new consumer."

Crop protection arm resulting from the merger between the multinationals Dow and Dupont, Corteva will start operating as an independent company in June 2019.

In his presentation, the executive listed three factors that will guide challenges and opportunities for agricultural development in the coming years: technological advances, dialogue among the various actors in the sector and globalization.

According to Gajaria, the technology advances in a significant way in the agro, being the digital solutions the new frontier. "They are the innovations in machines, big data, nanotechnology, defensive, drones, robots, etc." According to the executive, the challenge is to increase the access of small producers to these technologies.

Regarding the second factor, Gajaria said that dialogue between governments, private sector, producers, NGOs is essential for clarifying the benefits of technological advances, as well as for technological integration and inclusion at a global level.

In addition, the executive cited globalization as the third factor of impact for agricultural development in the coming years. In the evaluation of Gajaria, a world scenario is consolidated in which, on the one hand, the demand grows in a certain group of countries, and on the other the production advances in another distinct group of nations. "The point is to promote integration."

Gajaria also pointed out that the stimulus to agriculture in Africa goes through public policies to encourage rural activity in the continent. Moderator of the panel, the president of DATAGRO, Plínio Nastari, emphasized that the integration between agriculture for food production and energy is another point that deserves attention in the coming years.