GAF - Global Agribusiness Forum

Launch of the Global Agribusiness Forum debates future of global agribusiness

Agribusiness became of the pillars for sustainable development of the entire global society. Given the importance of this industry, leaderships representing the agricultural chain gathered yesterday in São Paulo, gave the kickoff for the 3rd Edition of the Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF), which will be held on July 4 and 5, 2016, in São Paulo City.

The GAF 2016 is held together by SRB, the Brazilian Association of Maize Producers (Abramilho), The Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders (ABCZ), Datagro, one of the Country's most important agricultural consulting, and DINHEIRO RURAL magazine.

During the launch of the GAF16, the event organizers showed the importance of proposing new discussions about the challenges and perspectives of agribusiness, especially in Brazil, one of the forerunners in this sector. “Agribusiness is our lever and it knows exactly what it wants”, said the chairman of GAF’s Board, Cesário Ramalho.

Based on this premise, the organizers set as core discussion of next edition of the Forum the theme “Agriculture of tomorrow: doing more with less - Disseminating the foundations of sustainable development”. According to SRB’s chairman Gustavo Junqueira, “what will be discussed in GAF16 concerns not only the rural society, but also the global society”.

The event will aim to bring together producers, suppliers of inputs, services and technology, scientists and researchers, public policy makers, representatives from governments and the various links in the production and marketing chain to discuss the most relevant issues of agriculture and global agribusiness.

“We will promote a discussion with major global leaders. We will discuss increased productivity, operational efficiency with labor training and infrastructure”, said Datagro’s chairman, Plínio Nastari.

In previous editions, the event brought to Brazil global exponents, such as Al Gore, former vice president of the United States and winner of the Nobel Prize, and counted on the presence of representatives from international entities, such as the Ambassador Roberto Azevedo, general director of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and of the Brazilian business community, such as Abílio Diniz, chairman of the Board of Directors of BRFoods.

In 2016, renowned representatives involved in the industry will also be present to discuss issues related to the chain, such as: adding value to agricultural production; challenge of sustainability - combining the increased production with the need to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity; technology without ideology; waste control; the dream of a market without barriers; legal certainty and regulation; food security and geopolitical stability; energy farming as a factor of development; proteins, zoning and grains; importance of production planning; Global Agricultural Outlook: 2050 vision; family and business farming complement; recognizing producers' value; financing and services as fundamental instruments of support and promotion.

Among the discussions, certainly one of the highlights will be the importance of the Brazilian agribusiness in the international scenario. For Abramilho’s chairman, Sergio Bortolozzo, regardless of the financial crisis, Brazilian agriculture will continue expanding.

According to ABCZ’s chairman Luiz Cláudio Paranhos, Brazil already has international livestock market potential. Proof of this is the increasing production, consumption and exports capacity estimated for the coming years. “Only in 2015, livestock should grow 24%”, Paranhos noted.