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By means of environmental devices such as Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) and Legal Reserve (RL), Brazilian rural properties shelter half of the country's protected vegetation, according to figures released by Gustavo Spadotti of Embrapa Territorial, during a panel on land use and occupation and water use by Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF), on Monday (23), in São Paulo (SP).


"Rural producers preserve about 218 million hectares. That is, ¼ of Brazil is preserved by farmers, "said Spadotti. Embrapa calculations indicate that the estimated cost for producers to preserve this area is $ 1 trillion. "However, the producer receives nothing for this ecosystem service he provides to society."

As far as water resources are concerned, Spadotti stressed that agriculture does not waste water, but uses it. "All water used by agriculture returns to the environment through biological processes, nothing that is used by the industry is lost."

Also a panel speaker, India's ambassador to Brazil, Ashok Das, said that Brazil is a reference for India in the use of water. "In India, water is becoming the target of dispute among some states," he said, adding that the country is investing in water desalination. Regarding land use and occupation, the ambassador said that India faces land degradation, and that an alternative being studied is crop rotation.