GAF - Global Agribusiness Forum

São Paulo receives GAF 16, the largest global agribusiness event

São Paulo City will host the world’s largest agribusiness event on July 4th and 5th, the Global Agribusiness Forum 2016 (GAF). The meeting will bring together the major exponents of the global agribusiness to discuss the theme "Agriculture of tomorrow: Doing more with less - Disseminating the foundations of sustainable development”. The GAF16 will discuss the future of agribusiness and the search for alternatives to the challenges of sustainable development.

To contribute to the discussions, a cast of industry personalities has already confirmed presence. Among the highlights of this Edition, the GAF counts on the participation of Darci Vetter, Head of Agriculture of the United States Trade Representative, through the USDA showing the importance of agribusiness in development. Alan Bojanic, FAO’s representative in Brazil, will approach issues related to food safety and geopolitics.

During the schedule, the attendants can watch the other lectures given by José Manuel Silva Rodríguez, former general director of Agriculture of the European Commission; Juan Carlos Marroquín, CEO of Nestlé Brazil; Julius Schaaf, former chairman of the United States Grains Council and Maizall; and Maurício Antônio Lopes, CEO of Embrapa.

Joining this team, renowned personalities from other sectors of the society will also be engaged in these discussions. It was confirmed the presence of Drauzio Varella, oncologist and author of several articles on food quality, and Nizan Guanaes, founder of ABC Group, one of the biggest communication groups in the country. The experts give their views on the importance and positioning of consumers in view of the agribusiness.

Other 40 renowned leaders and experts will contribute with new discussions of the industry in constant development. It will debate topics such as commercial promotion, the challenge of supplying the world; sustainable production, global agriculture forecasts until 2050, among others.

The Global Agribusiness Forum will be broadcast live and can be watched through any digital platform. The event takes place every two years and is organized by DATAGRO, SRB, Abramilho and ABCZ. More information at: