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The Agribusiness Regulatory Agenda Needs to Further Improve

The regulatory agenda that has impacted agribusiness has improved in recent years, addressing and even pacifying issues such as the Forest Code and the Labor Reform, but it needs to be further improved, said Renato Buranello, lawyer of the VBSO Advogados office in an interview for the Global Agribusiness Forum show, on the Rural Channel.

According to Buranello, a regulatory issue that is in limbo deals with the acquisition of land by mostly foreign capital companies. “There is no clear direction on the issue today", she said. According to the lawyer, the issue is the subject of a bill under way in the National Congress. Buranello recalled that the subject was about to be voted on, but was left aside with the developments of Lava Jato Operation. “And, as we are in the election year, I think it will be difficult to find something new in 2018”.

In the interview, the lawyer also highlighted the Chapter of the Commercial Code directed to agribusiness. “You have to consider the economic principle, not just the legal one. Agribusiness has been modernized, professionalized, and the law has to follow that.” Buranello also pointed out that the fiscal tangle existing in the country disrupts the productive sector in general, because it generates an enormous legal instability. “That's why tax reform is also urgent."

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